Audi grandsphere concept – Exterior Design

Dynamic monolith – the exterior design

At 5.35 m (17.6 ft.) long, 2 m (6.6 ft.) wide, and 1.39 m (4.6 ft.) high, the Audi grandsphere concept’s measurements reveal this sedan as an unambiguous example of the luxury class automobile. The 3.19 m (10.5 ft.) wheelbase indicates top value, which even overshadows the long version of the current Audi A8. But even more striking than what these figures suggest is the visual impression that it makes upon seeing it for the first time. That is because the Audi grandsphere looks nothing like a traditional sedan, but rather more like a tightly drawn fourdoor GT with a line the comes straight from the wind tunnel. And it does that while doing without any decor or superfluous flourishes.

In the process, the Audi grandsphere consistently implements the specific conditions of the electric drive system right in the front end – a short overhang, a flat hood, and the windshield that projects far forward as the foremost limit of the large interior. Nonetheless, unlike many electric cars, it does not look futuristic at all, but rather emphasizes traditional beauty ideals. The top edge of the hood is drawn far into the side of the chassis in a horizontal line, suggesting a long engine compartment – all characteristics of a GT. In the rear, that line continues at the same height across the rear wheel well, encompassing the whole cabin and emphasizing its size.

A second horizontal line emanates from the bottom edge of the hood and runs under the side windows and likewise around the entire cabin. This subdivides the door surfaces into horizontally oriented shoulders and the convex verticals below them above the rocker panel. The wheel wells have a soft, yet distinctive shape – typical Audi. The slender rear behind the massive C-pillar is a quote from traditional streamlining. And the dynamically sloping arc of the roofline reveals the grandsphere as part of the Audi Sportback tradition. All lines and all surfaces seem to organically correlate, combining to form one monolithic body.

At 23 inches, the wheels of the Audi grandsphere concept quote an icon from the 1990s – the Audi Avus. At the same time, the six double spokes signal light construction and stability, recalling functional motorsport wheels and the Bauhaus tradition in brand design.

Visible technology – light

In the front end, there is an innovative interpretation of the Singleframe that defines Audi’s look: it is shaped like a flat hexagon. The interior surfaces, behind a transparent covering, are indirectly lit from above while driving – a distinctive, extremely three-dimensionally structured visual effect. The headlight units on the upper side of the Singleframe look narrow, like focused eyes. The lighting units reference the four rings brand logo: they enlarge and isolate the intersection of two rings into a pupil – a new, unmistakable digital light signature. This means that the size of the light areas can be adjusted according to their function as daytime running lights or as dynamically staged blinkers – depending on the traffic situation – and thereby issue an obvious signal in the interest of safety. The same graphic is also in the rear lighting units – another significant characteristic of the Audi light design.