Audi prologue piloted driving

Heralding a new design era: the Audi prologue piloted driving showcar

The Audi prologue piloted driving show car is a focus at CES. It not only stands for a new design era, but also integrates many innovations in the areas of connectivity, infotainment and user interface which Audi will be showing at 2015 CES. In this connection, this show car’s laser matrix headlights and perimeter sensorics will demonstrate how the car of the future will become ever more of an assistant to its occupants. After all, the Audi prologue piloted driving stands for the state of technology, which includes piloted driving.

A novel laser scanner, several video cameras, ultrasound sensors mounted out of sight and front and rear sensors, themselves invisible, all cooperate in data capture. The central controller known as zFAS (zentrales Fahrerassistenzsteuergerät, central driver assistance controller) is the keystone of piloted driving. This compact master unit calculates a comprehensive impression of the car’s perimeter based on the signals provided by the scanners, the camera and the sensors.

Status: 1/2015