Audi A3 Sedan – Navigation with HD Traffic

Upon request, Audi delivers MMI navigation plus, which features the same functions as the full-size class. The navigation system can make intelligent route suggestions on the basis of the journey history. In doing so, it takes statistical empirical values based on time of day and traffic density into account, as well as real-time data on the traffic situation. Should the data stream be cut off, for example when driving through a tunnel, onboard route guidance, which runs in parallel, steps in.

The basic services from Audi connect add online traffic information to the navigation, enrich points of interest with photos, opening hours, and user reviews, and provide a weather forecast for the navigation destination. In combination with the Audi connect navigation & infotainment plus package, high-resolution satellite images from Google Earth and detailed 3D models of many major European cities make orientation easier. Another highlight – and new to the Audi range – is the online traffic information plus service, which will follow soon. Here, forecasts as to how the traffic situation will develop make route guidance even more flexible and precise. In addition, the navigation system can specify the lanes in which stationary or free-flowing traffic can be expected.

Communicated: Car-to-X

The connect portfolio also includes multiple car-to-X services that make use of the swarm intelligence of the Audi fleet. Provided the local infrastructure is available, they help with finding free parking spaces on the roadside or allow the driver to surf the green wave by communicating with the city’s main computer. The information on the traffic light phases is displayed to the driver in the Audi virtual cockpit. This allows drivers to adjust their speed preemptively, which increases efficiency and improves traffic flow. The onboard camera and the vehicle sensor system also detect hazardous areas and speed limits and communicate them to vehicles with the corresponding equipment. Communication takes place via the cellular network.