Audi RS e-tron GT – Lighting technology

Headlights and lights
The headlights and rear lights are characteristic elements of the exterior design of the e-tron GT that further enhance the expressive exterior design. The LED light signatures at the front and rear feature pronounced three-dimensional modeling and emphasize the emotive look of the e-tron GT. The daytime running lights provide a striking light signature, together with the characteristic blue designer trim of the optional Audi laser light that is at the center of the headlights at Audi for the first time.

The sculptural light strip at the rear spans across the entire vehicle width, changing dynamically from a line in the center into ever larger segments toward the outside, which makes the e-tron GT appear even more powerful.

Three variants of headlights are available for the e-tron GT. Audi supplies them in LED technology with dynamic turn signals as standard. The Matrix LED headlights are available as an alternative. Their continuous high beams can shine with maximum brightness without causing glare to other road users. They come as standard with the RS e-tron GT. Topping the range are the Matrix LED headlights with Audi laser light. A laser spot is installed next to the low beam module. The laser spot is activated from a speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph) and doubles the range of the high beam.

Coming home and leaving home animation: character made visible

The top-of-the-line headlights offer another characteristic feature: coming home and leaving home animations at the front and rear. The leaving home sequence is inspired by the power of a sound wave: The illumination of the individual elements builds up quickly and strongly, then retreats briefly before going all in the second time. All the animations in the RS model (combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi)*: 20.2–19.3 (NEDC), combined CO2 emissions in g/km (g/mi)*: 0) are even more dynamic.

* Information on electric power consumption and CO2 emission figures given in ranges depend on the equipment selected for the vehicle.