Park assist

Audi offers a variety of different parking systems for its complete model line-up. They use ultrasound, acoustic and optical signals, or a rearview camera whose images are displayed on the on-board monitor. The most convenient solution is the park assist.

The park assist system can back the vehicle into both parallel and perpendicular spaces relative to the road. The system locates parking spaces using side-mounted ultrasound sensors that scan the parking spaces on the side of the road in two dimensions while driving at moderate speed. A notification appears in the display when the system finds a suitable spot.

If the driver wants to park in the space and puts the vehicle into reverse, the park assist system is activated and assumes control of the electromagnetic steering. The driver must continue to accelerate, shift gears and brake. Optical and acoustic signals provide support. When parallel parking, it suffices when the space is roughly 0.8 meters (2.62 ft) longer than the vehicle. If necessary, the park assist will make multiple maneuvers, forwards and backwards. It provides the same amount of support when exiting the parking space. In this case the space can even be somewhat smaller.

Status: 2011