Audi side assist

The lane change assistant Audi side assist is available in an entire range of Audi models. It monitors the traffic behind the vehicle and warns the driver as necessary prior to critical lane changes. The EuroNCAP safety organization recognized the potential of Audi side assist for preventing accidents and awarded it a prize in fall 2010.

The system becomes active when a defined speed is reached. Two 24 gigahertz radar sensors in the rear monitor what is happening behind the vehicle to a distance of 70 meters (229.66 ft). Their data are analyzed by a computer. When they detect another vehicle in the critical zone – riding in the blind spot or approaching rapidly from the rear – the so-called information stage is activated. A yellow LED indicator illuminates in the casing of the driver’s exterior mirror; the driver sees it only when looking directly into the mirror.

If the driver nevertheless activates the turn signal to change lanes, the indicator become brighter and flashes multiple times. This signal – the warning stage – can hardly be overlooked. The visual indications are directed at the driver. Their brightness adapts to ambient light conditions and can also be tailored to the driver.

Status: 2011