Audi Q7 trailer assistant

If the new Audi Q7 is serving as a towing vehicle, the driver can enable the trailer maneuver assist when reversing. The driver then need only shift to R and cautiously accelerate. He can then continuously vary the angle of reverse motion by means of the rotary/push-button control in the MMI. For traveling straight ahead, the driver taps once on the control. The picture from the rear view camera on the MMI monitor contains auxiliary lines as a guide. The trailer maneuver assist turns the steering wheel and directs the trailer onto the selected course in a stable fashion, so that the driver can steer the entire car/trailer combination by means of the rotary/push-button control of the MMI.

A rotating sensor in the trailer coupling serves as the technical basis of the trailer maneuver assist – it registers the articulation angle between towing vehicle and the trailer. Prior to use, the driver should briefly acquaint the system with the trailer by driving a few meters with it. The trailer maneuver assist allows a driving speed of up to 10 km/h (6.2 mph). If the articulation angle is too large, the system emits a warning, and brakes in case of an emergency.

Status: 5/2015