Audi Q7 predictive efficiency assistant

The adaptive cruise control system works in close coordination with the MMI navigation plus, camera-based recognition of traffic signs and the predictive efficiency assistant, another pioneering system from the assistance package Tour. It automatically adjusts the preselected speed to the conditions – the route topography, speed limits and road users ahead.

Even if the route guidance is disabled, the predictive efficiency assistant uses the route data to alert the driver about situations where it’s advisable to slow down. The system recognizes curves, traffic circles and intersections, town limit or speed limit signs – in many cases long before the driver sees them. The instrument cluster or Audi virtual cockpit then displays an appropriate message. If the assistant screen is active, detailed graphics can be seen.

If the driver wishes, the system itself will control the freewheeling function of the eight-speed tiptronic within certain boundary conditions (in terms of speed and accelerator pedal gradient), so that the new Audi Q7 will roll at idle speed towards the slow-driving zone. The coasting mode is enabled only if it can persist for several seconds. Once this mode ends, the SUV automatically accelerates to the selected target speed, if the ACC is enabled. This highly networked intelligence allows the predictive efficiency assistant to reduce fuel consumption on country roads by up to ten percent.

Status: 5/2015