Audi Q2 pre sense front

The Q2 sets new standards with the system Audi pre sense front, which is included as standard equipment. Its radar sensor reliably recognizes critical situations involving other vehicles and crossing pedestrians ahead of the vehicle, even when visibility is poor such as in fog. If Audi pre sense front detects a pending collision, it warns the driver according to a graduated concept. If there is no reaction following a visual and acoustic warning, the system initiates a short jolt of the brakes. If the situation is still critical after that, maximum braking as appropriate for the situation and environmental conditions is initiated. Depending on the conditions, the Q2 can avoid a collision entirely or mitigate its severity by reducing the impact velocity by means of automatic braking and assisted braking. If necessary, the protective measures of the optional Audi pre sense basic are initiated. The front seat belts are electrically tensioned, the windows and the optional sunroof are closed and the hazard warning lights are switched on.

If a collision does occur, the likewise standard multicollision brake assist system activates. It prevents the car from rolling in an uncontrolled manner and causing a secondary collision.

Status: 6/2016