Audi active lane assist

One of the latest assistance systems from Audi is Audi active lane assist. At speeds above 60 km/h (37.28 mph), it uses a camera mounted in front of the rearview mirror to detect the lane markings. It observes the road to a distance of more than 50 meters (164.04 ft) and a coverage angle of roughly 40 degrees. It delivers 25 high-definition images per second.

Sophisticated software processes the images, detects the lane markings and the course the vehicle is following between them. If the vehicle approaches a line without the turn signal being activated, the system helps the driver to steer back into the lane by intervening gently, but perceptibly, in the electromechanical steering. The driver uses the MMI to determine how soon the intervention occurs and whether it should be combined with steering wheel vibration.

Audi lane assist is available for mid-size and full-size models with hydraulic power steering. Audi lane assist does not feature active intervention. The warning vibration is generated by a vibration motor in one of the spokes of the steering wheel; its intensity can be adjusted in three stages. The time at which it occurs is also selectable.

The color camera of the Audi active lane assist provides highly differentiated information. For example, it can differentiate between the yellow lines in construction zones and white lines. Its image data are also used by additional assistance systems, including the ACC stop & go, the speed limit display, the safety system Audi pre sense front and the variable headlight range control.

Status: 2011