Audi A8 – Central driver assistance controller (zFAS)

There have previously been several control units, each evaluating the information they pick up for a defined function. Now for the first time, a central driver assistance controller (zFAS) permanently forms a comprehensive image of the surroundings from the sensor data – for a wide range of assistance functions. This is created by complementary sensor systems, plus redundant data fusion in the zFAS and the radar control unit. All assistance systems benefit from the central model of the surroundings – whether adaptive driving assistant, active suspension, park assistance function or traffic jam pilot. Traffic signs are combined with data from a digital map; crossing assist draws on the comprehensive field of activity, as does the emergency braking function, which has been optimized in quality and effect by the redundant design. The zFAS, around the size of a tablet computer is a high-tech data center that integrates high-performance computers and makes its debut in the new A8.

Status: 7/2017