Audi A8 Interior – Air quality package

The air quality package takes interior air quality to a whole new level. Two ionizers charge the air molecules electrically with negative ions. These anions attract dust particles so that they form mini clusters that fall to the floor and so are not inhaled. The combination filter in the four-zone automatic air conditioning binds a majority of the gases and particulates. It also renders allergens and microorganisms harmless.

Fragrancing provides for a subtle, pleasant smell by adding slight amounts of an olfactory agent to the air flow from the air conditioning system. The instrument panel conceals two vials of highly concentrated oil evoking optional a hint of sea breeze or mountain air. The high quality of the fragrances is due in part to their above-average content of natural substances (15 and 18 percent, respectively). Customers can adjust the fragrancing intensity in four levels. The vials are replaced during servicing. The fragrances are stable even in extreme heat or cold, and are entirely safe for people, animals and materials.

The air quality package will be introduced to selected markets in 2018 and expanded to include a particulate measuring sensor. It determines the level of particulates in the ambient air and compares this reading with the interior air. Filter efficiency is displayed on the on-board monitor – an important service especially for customers in urban areas.