Manual transmissions

Found in much of the Audi model line-up – from the compact A1 to the R8 – manual transmissions are suited for pairing with front-wheel drive and quattro drive. While most manual transmissions operate with six gears, some use five gears.

Many Audi models with longitudinally mounted engines employ a generation of manual transmissions that exist in two versions. The basic version is suited for both front-wheel drive and quattro drive, and can transmit up to 350 Nm (258.15 lb-ft) of torque. An even more powerful version is available for the V6 TDI.

A complete package of measures lowers internal friction in the manual transmissions, further improving their already impressive efficiency. Special selector fork mountings decouple the gear lever from the drivetrain so that the driver does not sense any vibration, but only experiences the precise shift action with short, clearly defined lever movements.

Status: 2011