Audi SQ5 Sportback – Twin dosing technology

Two SCR catalytic converters interact: the exhaust gas aftertreatment

For exhaust gas aftertreatment, Audi uses twin-dosing technology based two SCR catalytic converters working together.

The first of these is located directly behind the manifold in the exhaust gas system, where it also functions as a particulate filter. The second is located further away from the engine under the vehicle floor. Both catalytic converters complement each other’s effects because they cover different operating situations and exhaust gas temperature windows.

The SCR catalytic converters are supplied with the AdBlue urea solution from a 24-liter tank. Thanks to twin-dosing technology, the SQ5 TDI (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km*: 7.0– 7.0 (33.6–33.6 US mpg); combined CO2 emissions in g/km*: 185–185 (297.7–297.7 g/mi)) comes in substantially below the limits of the new “Euro 6d ISC-FCM AP” emissions standard, which also stipulates a dramatic reduction in NOx emissions in the real driving test conducted on public roads in everyday traffic situations.

*Fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures given in ranges depend on the tires/wheels used as well as the selected equipment.