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Audi A1 Sportback

A clear sign of the popularity of the Audi A1* and A1 Sportback* is the over 500,000 cars sold since its market launch in 2010. Six engines – gasoline and diesel – are new or have been intensively further developed. For the first time, Audi is offering completely new three-cylinder engines, the 1.0 TFSI and the 1.4 TDI – they are efficient without neglecting driving fun. 

The entry‑level engine is the first three-cylinder gasoline engine in the history of Audi. The Audi A1 1.0 TFSI (provisional data) with 70 kW (95 hp) of power has a combined fuel consumption of just 4.3 liters fuel per 100 kilometers (54.7 US mpg) (99 g CO2 per km [159.3 g/mi]). Another new three-cylinder diesel in the A1, the 1.4 TDI ultra with 66 kW (90 hp), attains an NEDC fuel consumption of 3.4 liters fuel per 100 kilometers (69.2 US mpg) (89 g CO2 per km [143.2 g/mi]), which makes it the first ultra model in the Audi A1 and Audi A1 Sportback. Both engines exhibit maximum efficiency.

Status: 12/2014