Audi RS e-tron GT – Three-chamber air suspension

The suspension is one of the elements that play a crucial role in shaping the harmonious overall character of the Audi e-tron GT quattro and the RS e-tron GT. It is a congenial partner to the dynamic drive, while always remaining confident and relaxed no matter how much strain is put on it. This, too, perfectly embodies the gran turismo philosophy.

The wheel suspensions are designed as a sporty double wishbone construction. Almost all parts, including the links and subframes, are forged or cast from aluminum. The electromechanical steering has a sporty and direct ratio without appearing abrupt. Audi supplies all-wheel steering as an option.

A spindle drive turns the rear wheels by a maximum of 2.8 degrees here – in the opposite direction up to a speed of around 70 km/h (43.5 mph) to increase agility and handling and reduce the turning circle, and slightly in the same direction from a speed of around 80 km/h (49.7 mph) in the interest of stability. * Information on electric power consumption and CO2 emission figures given in ranges depend on the equipment selected for the vehicle.