Audi A3 Sportback – Interior

To match the more striking exterior, the interior has also been significantly sharpened. There are quite a few innovations here – from the shifter design and air vents to the decorative fabric inlays and new interior lighting. All these elements are precise and detailed, emphasizing the vehicle’s progressive and technical look.

The standard equipment has been significantly extended. In addition to the three-spoke leather steering wheel with multifunction plus, the standard equipment features air conditioning, the ambient light package, and the front center armrest.

The new blade design, finished in chrome on the outer surface, makes the air vents in the optional climate control package appear thinner, emphasizing the width of the cockpit. The center console has been redesigned and given a new finish. The inside door handles feature a new effect finish as well. In addition to convenient cup holders, the center console also comes standard with an armrest that adjusts in length and angle. The compact shifter, which provides convenient control over the functions of the S tronic, also features a new look. Thanks to its flatter design, it blends seamlessly into the center console.

The standard interior lighting adds accents to the doors and footwell. Additional lighting elements and contour lighting on the switch panel and door sills are available as options. With the model upgrade for the A3, contour lighting runs around the center console and the cup holders, fitted as standard, are illuminated. One new design element is that the insides of the front doors are backlit. The fabric panel was laser-cut 300 times to enable this feature. Five segments are illuminated by a light source in the door panel. Their different sizes create a dynamic flow of light – which is also displayed when locking and unlocking the vehicle. The illuminated fabric panel combines functionality with an emotional design experience. The 30 different light colors are selectable via the MMI, allowing for a high degree of customization. The large speakers for the new Sonos sound system are located in the lower part of the doors, making for an immersive listening experience with 3D sound.

The A3 now features two decorative fabric inlays: a technical textured fabric that is also made from 100 percent recycled polyester and Dinamica microfiber. In addition to being a decorative inlay, Dinamica serves as a seat cover and, in some interior packages, decorates the door mirrors. Dinamica looks and feels like suede but is partially made from recycled polyester.