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Many of the projects being run by Audi address the ongoing development of the world’s rapidly growing cities. In the Audi Urban Future Initiative, one of the company’s think tanks, we are seeking intelligent approaches for the mobility of tomorrow.
The Audi Urban Future Initiative was established in 2010. It is a global forum that brings together experts from diverse cultures and disciplines.

Architects, sociologists, urban planners and trend researchers discuss new approaches and solutions for mobility in the world’s megacities. The focus is on a wide range of topics – such as seamless mobility through the interconnection of various means of transportation, the flexible use of space or the vision of the city as a continuous flow of movement without stationary traffic. An important element of the initiative is the Audi Urban Future Award, which Audi offered for the first time in 2010.

The prize for Germany’s most highly endowed architecture competition is now awarded every two years. The 2012 award sees five international firms of architects pit their wits against one another in their own respective urban regions. They are CRIT (Mumbai), Höweler & Yoon Architecture (Boston/Washington), NODE Architecture & Urbanism (Pearl River Delta), Superpool (Istanbul) and Urban-Think Tank (São Paulo).

In research cooperations and workshops, we discuss the core theses of the award with the objective of reinforcing them with greater scientific knowledge and understanding. At the Summit, a large symposium for knowledge networking in advance of the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, Audi brought together experts from around the world. And to make sure that all this impetus makes its way into the company and bears fruit, we have formed the Audi Insight team. It is a small, active group of employees from a number of disciplines, all working to the same Audi principle – new things arise from the networking of knowledge.

Status: 2012