Audi Q8 – Exterior design

Revised, generous, striking: the exterior design 

With its expressive design, the revised Q8* is a sporty, elegant SUV coupé from the brand with the four rings. With its clean shape, generous surfaces, and clear volumes, the Q8* paints a dynamic picture. The short overhangs and long wheelbase make for sporty, elegant proportions that can be accentuated with distinctive exterior colors and wheels. 

The unmistakably powerful and upright Audi Singleframe with an octagon design now impresses with vertical inlays. They are arranged in teardrop shape in the base exterior and designed in the shape of an L in the S line exterior package and the SQ8 TFSI*. This makes it clear at first glance that the Q8* belongs to Audi’s top models and clearly differentiates it from the A models. The self-assured appearance of the Q8* is underscored by the new prominent air intakes, which are clearly integrated into the car’s basic architecture. 

Audi has systematically reduced the decorative elements for an even more puristic design. In order to distinguish the base version, S line exterior package, and S model at first glance, the underride guard, door attachment trim, and diffuser in the base model come in contrasting colors that underline the robust off-road look. 

New for all Audi Q8* units is an exhaust system with premium-quality, visually appealing tailpipes. Aligned even more closely with the SQ8 TFSI*, the S line exterior package stands out with its clearly accentuated side air intakes in the front bumper. 

The Singleframe is sure to impress with its independent color scheme. The optionally available Black and Black Plus optics packages set striking accents in the exterior around the
Audi Singleframe, the trim on the side windows, and the front and rear bumpers. What’s more, the Singleframe mask comes finished in high-gloss black. 

The innovative headlights featuring HD Matrix LED technology and an additional laser light as well as the digital daytime running lights positioned on the upper horizontal edge give the Q8* an even more self-assured expression. In conjunction with the digital OLED rear lights, which are available for the first time in the Q8*, the premium-class character of the model becomes even clearer. At the rear, an LED light strip together with black high-gloss trim and integrated 

Audi rings links the digital OLED rear lights across the entire width of the car. 

The Audi Q8* bears Audi’s new, modern corporate identity. Specifically, this is the newly two- dimensional rings that debuted in the Q8 e-tron*. They are visually impressing through their greater precision. Instead of chrome, the new four rings come in contrasting white and black; as part of an optional package, the white of the rings is replaced with a dark gray that still looks like high-gloss black. In the Q8*, the B-pillar now also bears the model, derivative, and technology identifier.