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Audi Urban Future Initiative

How will mobility in the world’s megacities evolve; what form will it take in future? The Audi Urban Future Initiative is seeking answers to these questions.

The world is changing at a rapid pace as population growth continues to accelerate. Forecasts predict that, by 2030, 60 percent of all people will live in urban areas of more than eight million inhabitants, especially in Asia and South America. Audi is addressing the questions that are arising from this development and established the Audi Urban Future Initiative in 2010.

The initiative is an interdisciplinary forum that networks creative thinkers from around the world with one another – architects, sociologists, urban planners and trend researchers; it builds bridges between experts from a diverse range of disciplines, cultures and points of view. Their dialogue has the objective of analyzing the challenges presented by mobility in the world’s megacities and to examine possible solutions.

The findings and ideas generated take into consideration social, ecological and aesthetic, as well as technical aspects. The aim is to unite current local realities with the opportunities presented by a sustainable, mobile future. The scope of the issues involved is as multi-faceted as the megacities themselves. In some cities, it is about the flexible, spontaneous use of public spaces; in others, the focus is on seamless mobility through the interconnection of different forms of transportation.
Great visions of the future also have a role to play in the Audi Urban Future Initiative – such as the idea of the city as a constant flow of movement without stationary traffic. The intelligent communication between car and city is another topic. Audi is already developing technologies for such scenarios – solutions for piloted driving, as well as car-to-x communication under the heading Audi connect.

Status: 2012